The Mesa County Workforce Center prides itself on exceptional collaboration with local partners, agencies and businesses dedicated to promoting economic growth.


On-Site Partners

Ability Connection

The purpose of this program is to explain employment support programs to Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries to assist them in making informed choices about their SSA benefits and work.

Please Contact:

David Nelson

SSA Benefit Planner


Email:  [email protected]rg


Family Stability Program/Grand Junction Housing Authority

Family Stability Program (FSP) provides 130 vouchers for housing assistance and case management. When all 130 vouchers are issued clients must go on a waiting list for future assistance. FSP helps low income families stay unified, and prevents placement of children in foster care due to inadequate or unsafe housing.

Referrals must be made by Child Welfare and TANF case managers by completing referral and application forms and sending them to Elizabeth Pertile at [email protected] .  If questions are necessary before referral, Elizabeth can be contacted by phone at 256-2432.


Job Corps

Are you ready to be successful?

Do you want to get paid while you are learning?

Do you want to work hard and become a leader not a follower?

Job Corps can show you how to be a successful hard working strong leader!

Did you know that a better education leads to a better job, a better job leads to a successful career, a successful career leads to higher income, and higher income leads to a better quality of life?

Job Corps can provide you with the education and tools to enhance your life all at no cost to you or your family.  Job Corps is for 16 year-olds to 24 year-olds who are lower income and/or disabled. Students have up to two years to complete their training and education.

Contact Chris Connor-Wiltse the Job Corps Admissions Counselor at 970-773-0745

Virtual Orientation for Job Corps every Monday at 3:30PM online here.


Veterans Services Officer

As a Veteran of the United States military or a spouse of a veteran, are you aware of all of the benefits available to you?  The Veteran Affairs Officer  is designated to help you access a variety of services including obtaining discharge papers, filing claims, information and access to benefits like pension, healthcare, education, home loans, survivor death benefits, burial and so much more.

Appointments are necessary:

Anthony Lee


Disabled Veterans Outreach Program

Intensive job search assistance is available to those Veterans meeting eligibility requirements through our Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist.  Contact an Employment Specialist for more information.

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The Division of Employment and Training


Community Partners

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The MCWFC remains dedicated to providing local resources to all job seekers. One of our many community partners is the Grand Junction branch of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). DVR helps individuals with disabilities find employment opportunities and connects them to resources to help them live independently. Please visit to learn more about their excellent program.

If you are interested in connecting with DVR, please talk to an employment specialist. 


For assistance finding specific resources or other partner information, please contact one of our Employment Specialists at 970-248-7560 or email us at [email protected]