Manufacturing Workforce Innovation Project

The Workforce Innovation Project in Grand Junction is a course designed by local manufacturers and educators to create a library of skills training for the manufacturing sector. This Workforce Innovation Project program includes an online platform and evening and weekend lab hours to ensure flexibility for each student.


  • A collaborative effort between Mesa County Workforce Center, The Business Incubator, GJmakerspace, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, and local manufacturers.
  • Provides manufacturing skills training geared toward real-world application
  • Combination of online learning, personal instruction and shop projects aimed at skills building.
  • Use of GJmakerspace equipment and facilities for hands-on training.
  • Access to lessons, equipment, and instructor at times more suited to the participant than conventional college or trade school.
  • Results based verification of skills acquired
  • Feedback to/from local manufacturers aimed at evolving the program.
  • Two-course tracts: One for new manufacturing job seekers, one for those already employed in manufacturing.


Completion certificate includes

Orientation - (1 hr online, 1 hr lab)
Math – (10 hr online)
Safety – (6 hr online)
General Manufacturing – (11 hr online)
Communication – (13 hr online)
Time Management – (9 hr online)

Additional available classes

Precision Instruments – (23 hr online, 12 hr lab)
workforce innovation project in grand junctionCNC Introduction – (7 hr online, 5 hr lab)
CNC Programming – (7 hr online, 10 hr lab)
CNC Vertical Machining – (12 hr online, 12 hr lab)
CNC Horizontal Lathe – (18 hr online)
Teamwork – (6 hr online, 5 hr lab)
Group Dynamics – (11 hr online, 5 hr lab)
Quality – (11 hr online, 5 hr lab)


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