Professional Services

Whether you are trying to decide what career is right for you or you want to accurately identify your strengths and skills to make you more competitive in the current job market, we have an array of assessments to help you. All assessments are offered at no charge to registered job seekers. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Professional Services at 970-257-2215

Career/Vocational Assessments

COPS System

The COPS System Career Measurement package includes the COPS Interest Inventory, CAPS Ability Battery, and the COPES Work Values Survey. Assessment interpretation is organized around an easy-to-use group of occupational clusters which represent all possible jobs. Results correspond to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.

Job Skills Assessments

IBM Kenexa Assess (Formerly Known as Prove It! )

This system allows for measurement of over 900 modules, including: typing, data entry, office skills, software skills and more.

WorkKeys Foundational Assessments by ACT

Unlock the power of your workforce with the WorkKeys employee selection and development system. WorkKeys assessments give you reliable, relevant information about your employees’ and applicants’ skill levels. When you compare this information with the skill benchmarks required for your jobs, you will be able to make solid decisions about your workforce. WorkKeys provides a comprehensive system to refine your applicant pool, match candidates to jobs, and identify skill gaps that hinder productivity. Nine Foundational Skills assessments are available: Applied Math, Graphic literacy, Workplace Documents, Applied Technology, Business Writing, Workplace Observation, Teamwork, Listening, and Writing.

WorkKeys Personal Skills Assessments by ACT

High productivity and performance are essential to maintaining the edge in today’s competitive markets. Talent and Fit will help you find the next generation of high-performance workers and achieve greater results at every stage of the talent management process. These assessments can assist businesses in pre-screening, selection, and coaching/development.

For more information or to schedule your assessments, please call (970) 257-2215.