KickStart Internships

KickStart Internship

KickStart is a program designed to match out of school, young adults, ages 18 – 24 with available paid jobs and internships here in Mesa County. Our staff works closely with local businesses to make sure that young adults are getting the jobs they want. Young adults will achieve employment success through one on one counseling, learning skills critical for successful job application, creating winning resume, interviewing with ease, and developing overall professionalism in order to reach their goal of employment. Candidates will receive real work experience and build his or her resume with paid internships.Positions include: administrative, computer support, human services, marketing, retail, light construction, landscaping, healthcare and more.

How do I get started?

Download an application.

In order to be eligible for the Kickstart Program, you will need to provide one item from each category below:

Participants must be 18-24 years of Age and not attending or enrolled in School.


  • Colorado I.D. and signed Social Security Card

Barriers to Employment/Education:

  • Youth Offender – Juvenile/criminal justice/court documents, a letter from parole/probation officer or police records.
  • Pregnant/Parenting – A copy of child’s birth certificate, a physicians note, or a statement from a school program for pregnant teens.
  • Foster Child – Court letter/court documents or a written statement from a state/local agency stating youth is ward of the state.
  • Homeless/Runaway – A written statement from a homeless shelter, a written statement from individual providing residence, and/or a self attestation.
  • Dropout – Self attestation and/or letter from school.
  • Basic Skills Deficient – WorkKeys Test
  • Youth Needs Assistance – Self attestation specifying what youth needs assistance for.

Income Documentation:

  • TANF/Food Stamps.
  • Supplemental Security Income – Social Security Documents.
  • Homeless – A written statement from a homeless shelter, a written statement from individual providing residence, and/or self-attestation.
  • Foster Child – Court documents or written statement from local agency stating you are a ward of the state.
  • Disability – Medical records, letter from drug/alcohol rehabilitation agency, physician’s/psychiatrist’s/psychologist’s statement, or school records (IEP). All documents must be less than one year old.
  • Family Six Month Income* – Social security cards and proof of income (pay stubs, letter from employer, W2). *If you are a homeless youth, foster child, youth with a disability, or are not claimed on parent taxes, you are considered a Household of One. Individual proof of income (for six months) and individual’s Social Security Card are required to be eligible under Household of One.