Colorado works subsidized training and employment program


Colorado Works Subsidized Training & Employment Program

CW STEP supports job-seekers involved in the Colorado Works program by providing them with valuable work experience and marketable skills through training and employment opportunities. The program helps participants work toward earning a living-wage, securing permanent employment and creating a brighter economic future for their families.

What can STEP do for Employers?

  • Paid Internships - designed to match individuals with available positions at no cost to the employer. We cover 100% of the wage and workers compensation up to 29 hours a week for a predetermined duration. Our goal is to develop the workforce and provide businesses with an opportunity to train and develop an intern into a successful employee while having an opportunity to try someone out prior to hiring.
  • On-the-Job training -- reimburses employers up to 100% of a new employees wage for their initial training period. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to cultivate new, qualified employees while minimizing the cost of training.
  • Help the participants get the tools, clothing, and support they need to be successful in their new position.
  • Our participants are job ready; having completed the National Career Readiness Certificate, our intensive in-house Job Readiness Workshop and receive one-on-one counseling covering topics such as communication in the workplace, customer service, conflict resolution, and workplace etiquette throughout the WE/OJT. Our Case Managers work closely with you to ensure that these participants are suitable for our available business community.
  • Participants will learn valuable skills to prepare for careers in industries with a demonstrated shortage of qualified workers, creating unique opportunities to fill employment gaps and drive Colorado's economy forward.
  • Building a stronger workforce in Mesa County!


In order to be eligible for the CDP CW STEP Program, you will need to provide one item from each category below:


  • Colorado I.D. and signed Social Security Card

Learn more about CW STEP by watching the informational video What do you do?

If you are an employer and would like to learn more about how CW STEP can fill job openings, please watch  our Employer Recruitment video.