Unemployment Insurance and Resources

Colorado Unemployment Information and Resources

To report refusal of suitable work and to get the latest information and resources available to Employers of Colorado, please visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.


  • Mesa County Public Health has issued guidance for Phase 2 of the County Reopening Plan. For detailed information, updates and to apply for Reopening please visit their Reopening Plan site.
    • Group Gatherings: up to 50 with six feet of distance between non-household members

    • Businesses and Organizations: Allows businesses to open to 50% capacity or up to 175 people after application to MCPH

    • Personal Recreation: Allowed to resume with health and safety measures in place

    • What Remains Closed:

      • Large events and mass gatherings that involve more than 50 people. and have a likelihood of attracting visitors from outside the local community shall remain closed.

      • Any establishment, facility, or organized activity that cannot meet social distancing or other limitations outlined in MCPH Order 2020-03 shall remain closed.


  • The CDC has released a Decision Tool to assist Businesses and Workplaces in safely reopening. Click here to check it out!


  • Caronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act:
    • A refundable payroll tax credit for 50% of wages paid by employers to employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

    • Temporary increases to the amount of interest expense businesses are allowed to deduct on their tax returns to 50% of taxable income for 2019 and 2020.

    • Allowances to employers and self-employed individuals to defer payments of the employer share of the Social Security tax.

    • Read the full text of the bill.

    • Read the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s summary of the CARES Act.  

    • See the U.S. Chamber’s Small Business Guide to the CARES Act.   


  • The Work-Share Program

    • The Work-Share Program provides an alternative to laying off employees by allowing them to keep working, but with fewer hours. While an employee is working fewer hours, he or she may be eligible to collect part of his or her regular unemployment benefits.

    • Requirements and Qualifications for Employers:

      • You must have reduced the normal weekly work hours by at least 10 percent, but by no more than 40 percent.
      • The reduction must affect at least two out of all employees in the business, or a minimum of two employees in a certain unit.
      • You must have paid as much in premiums as we paid your former employees in unemployment insurance benefits. 

    • For more details on the Work-Share Program and other lay-off alternatives, please click here.


  • Small Business Resources and Hotlines
    • Fruita City Council Approves Funding for Small Business Loans - Learn More
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) loans

    • Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) published a COVID-19 Small Business Response Resources guide to SBA loans, Business Interruption Insurance, Work-Share, and more with a comprehensive list of valuable resources for Colorado businesses.

    • The Save Small Business Fund is issuing $5,000 grants. Check for eligibility and apply here.

    • Small Business COVID-19 Disaster Relief Hotline: 1-800-860-5881. Or apply directly at disasterloan.sba.gov/ela

    • Call the SBA Economic Injury Relief Hotline at 1-800-659-2955.

    • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Emergency Loans; Small Business Guide and Checklist


  • Adopted Emergency Rules under Executive Order D 2020 012 as of 03/20/2020:
    • Benefits paid during a COVID-19 pandemic will be charged to the State pool fund, not to the employer’s account and experience rate.  Those employers who reimburse the State for benefits charged against their account will still be required to pay those benefit charges.

    • The State will not pay benefits to claimants who are eligible for other similar benefits that are made available by the federal government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • The State will consider timely any quarterly reports or premium payments if the employer or an immediate family member is requested to quarantine or if the employer’s place of business was closed or operations were curtailed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything You Need to Know About the CARES Act

Information on this page has been sourced from ColoradoUI.gov and other identified organizations. Last updated: 04/30/2020


The Mesa County Workforce Center  does NOT process Unemployment Insurance claims or have access to claim-specific information. These questions should be directed to the State Customer Service Line: 1-800-388-5515.


The Workforce Center DOES help with required registrations on Connecting Colorado and answering general questions about Unemployment Insurance.