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Our statewide job database, Connecting Colorado, is a great resource that allows us to find and pre-screen candidates based on the qualifications you describe. We maintain the largest and most diversified applicant database of any employment agency in the state. Connecting Colorado contains applicants for all occupation sectors. When you list your current job openings with the Mesa County Workforce Center, they are posted locally, statewide and nationally.

Flexibility is the key to our successful collaboration with businesses. You can do business with our Workforce Center by phone, fax, e-mail, online and in person. Our goal is to make your recruitment and hiring easier, and more cost- and time- effective. By working with an Employment Specialist, you will receive customized services that include:

  • Professional and Strategically Written Job Descriptions
  • Specialized Hiring Events and Mass Recruitment
  • Conference and Interview Rooms
  • Pre-screening of Candidates
  • Application/Resume Collection
  • Assessments (see Toolbox section)

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Post It Yourself

You can go directly to the Connecting Colorado website and list the position yourself. This feature allows you the benefit of being able to perform your own search for candidates and the ability to contact outstanding recruits directly. It is quick and easy.