Lay-Off Assistance

Do you have to downsize and want to make sure your staff is well-informed about Unemployment Insurance and services offered by the Workforce Center? Mesa County Workforce Center offers layoff assistance in Grand Junction, CO.

Rapid Response Layoff Assistance from Mesa County Workforce Center

Rapid Response Layoff Assistance Flyer

Layoff Assistance Program

The layoff assistance program provides a variety of services for employers and their employees when it becomes necessary for the employer to downsize. These services focus on ensuring that affected employees are aware of employment and training-related services available to them as dislocated workers. Rapid Response is a state-funded activity to assist employers and employees in the case of a permanent plant closure or mass layoff at a work site. Employment Specialists will come to your site, speak to affected staff, and provide information and access to available employment and training activities.

Job Service: (970) 248-7560 or [email protected]

To learn more about separations and lay-off assistance, including Layoff Alternatives, please visit Colorado Department of Labor-Layoff / Separations.