Professional Services Department

Screening Candidates Through Assessments

Mesa County Workforce Center offers applicant screening and assessments in Grand Junction, CO. Applicant screening is a great way to help make hiring and promotion decisions. We offer a wide variety of assessments to choose from that apply to all different types and levels of occupations. Our experienced Professional Services staff assist you in selecting tests that are the most useful for the position you are filling. The additional benefit of utilizing assessments through Professional Services is that there is absolutely no cost as long as it is within the parameters of our employer testing policy (see below).

For questions and coordinating applicant screening for candidates, contact us at [email protected] or (970) 257-2215.

SHL Assessments (Formerly Known as Prove It! )

This system allows for the measurement of over 900 modules, including typing, data entry, office skills, software skills, and more!

WorkKeys Foundational Assessments by ACT

Unlock the power of your workforce with the WorkKeys employee selection and development system. WorkKeys assessments give you reliable, relevant information about your employees’ and applicants’ skill levels. When you compare this information with the skill benchmarks required for your jobs, you are able to make solid decisions about your workforce. WorkKeys provides a comprehensive system to refine your applicant pool, match candidates to jobs, and identify skill gaps that hinder productivity. Six Foundational Skills assessments are available: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, Workplace Documents, Applied Technology, Business Writing, and Workplace Observation.

*Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents can earn test takers a certificate verifying the level of foundational skills they possess. Certificates are a part of our Work Ready Community initiative. 

WorkKeys Personal Skills Assessments by ACT

High productivity, as well as performance, are essential to maintaining the edge in today’s competitive markets. Talent and Fit help you find the next generation of high-performance workers and also achieve greater results at every stage of the talent management process. These assessments assist businesses in pre-applicant screening, selection, and also coaching/development.


  • CNA test
  • We can proctor any test you would like candidates to take to ensure they are taking the test appropriately


Professional Services Employer Testing Policy

 All businesses requesting PSD proctored assessments must post the position(s) with us:

If you do not already have the position posted with us, you may:

And/Or Contact

Information Needed Prior to Applicant Screening Tests:

  • Company contact name as well as email address
  • The position being tested for
  • Name of the applicant(s)
  • Which assessment(s) the applicant(s) are completing
  • Deadline for assessment results to be returned to the company contact person

Because the assessments are paid for with grant money, all applicants are required to be active as well as registered job seekers on Connecting 

 Limitations on Free Assessment Utilization

  • Once the employer account, as well as the job posting, are verified by the PSD staff, the employer may utilize up to four (4) assessments per candidate and up to 15 candidates per job posting.
  • If the business wishes to exceed four (4) assessments per candidate or exceed 15 candidates per job posting, they may do so with responsibility for the incurring costs of the excess assessments. PSD staff inform the business of what the assessment(s) costs are prior to scheduling and also proctoring the assessments.