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This volume of the magazine by Mesa County Workforce Center provides a window into advice from business leaders, professional services, the latest skill assessment systems, and must-know computer software for any job field.

Our mission goes beyond simple career readiness. It goes towards providing programs and workshops that provide lifestyle stability. Mesa County Workforce Center strives to be at the heart of activity in the Grand Valley area to help individuals are companies get their careers back on track, improve skill sets, and support the economy through workforce development.

A Word from The Director:

"The spirit of the new federal workforce legislation, The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, is alive and well in Mesa County, and we are years ahead of the curve. Mesa County is unique in that we foster innovation of program delivery to ensure that our customers have access to the best and most useful services in their journey. With this comes the important partnerships we share with our employer community as well as our education partners.

The Workforce Center services as support and conduit to employers who are looking to identify, recruit and train new talent, as well as offering state-of-the-art services for job fairs and employer training events. We work with our education community, the business community, and job seekers to ensure that local talent is being cultivated and matched up with our local employers."

~ Curtis Englehart


Table of Contents:

5...Impact Reports

6...Volume Reports

7...Mesa County Economy

8...ACT Work Ready Communities

10...Workforce Partners

11...Industries Profile: Manufacturing

12...Employment Service

13...Professional Services

14...Veteran Employment & Training

16...Career Development


19...Industry Profile: Arts/Entertainment/Recreation

20...Developing Tomorrows Leaders

21...Industry Profile: Hospitality/Tourism

22...Business Center & Conference Rooms

24...GED & ESL

25...Industry Profile: Healthcare

26...Industry Profile: Aviation/Aerospace

27...Employment First

28...TANF/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

29...Colorado Works

30...Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

31...Resource Room