March 2017

  • State of CO UI rate 2.6%; 4.5% national UI rate
  • March 2017 UI rate for Mesa is 3.8%; Labor force 71,232; New Claims 165
  • Feb 2017 UI rate was 5.3%; Labor Force 71,294; New Claims 167
  • March 2016 was 5.9%; Labor force 72,629; New Claims 331
  • New UI Claims Year to date 2017: 587
  • New UI Claims Year to date 2016: 966
  • Job Orders March 2017: 563
  • Job Orders March 2016: 448
  • Job Orders Year to date 2017: 1508
  • Job Orders year to date 2016: 1260

The UI rate dove down from 5.3% in Feb. 2017 to 3.8% in March 2017. The UI rate in March of 2016 was 5.9% and typically we do see the UI rate this time of year stay about the same, so this big drop is a positive change to see. New UI claims were about the same as last month, but compared to this time last year that number is now almost half of what it was. The labor force was also just about the same as Feb. 2017 and compared to last year we have about 1,000 less in the labor force. Job orders in Mesa County compared to one year prior are significantly higher. These are all trends we hope to see continue! June tends to have our highest UI rates of the year, so hopefully, we’ll continue to see low UI rates and high job orders for the next couple of months.